Reversing the Ravages of Time, Portrait® has the Unique Power to*:

• Smooth Away Wrinkles
• Banish Brown Spots & Sun Spots
• Eliminate Acne Scars
• Tighten, Firm and Tone Skin
• Add Radiance

Treatment Procedure

A topical anesthetic is applied about an hour before the procedure to numb the skin. During the procedure, which takes only about 20-45 minutes, you may experience a localized sensation of heat during the brief procedure.

Portrait® is typically safe and effective, and downtime is typically minimal.* At first, the outer layer of skin typically browns and sheds 3-5 days after treatment.* Once this occurs, the redness of the fresh, regenerated skin will last for about 7 days.* The shedding may take a little longer at the edges of the treated area, and localized redness may also linger slightly in some patients.*

Portrait can be applied at varying energy levels to achieve differing results. All levels repair fine lines and skin discoloration, but the high-energy Portrait provides skin toning and tightening.*

Most patients require from 1-2 high-energy treatments, depending upon the desired outcome, your skin condition and the level of improvement you are seeking relative to downtime.* Dr. Leaver-Williams will help you formulate a treatment plan to achieve your goals.

The Results

Soon after treatment, patients can experience dramatic improvements in your skin texture and tone, as well as a smoother new visage from diminished wrinkles.*. And looking in the mirror, the reflection gazing back is typically more vibrant, radiant and youthful! Also exciting, you can typically expect continued improvements in your skin texture and tone for as long as a year after treatment. *

The results can be comparable to aggressive laser resurfacing but the downtime is dramatically reduced.* Portrait keeps working, stimulating collagen production and increasing elastin for up to one year with continued improvement to the skin.* And, Portrait® is typically safe and effective.* It provides the results you want without the lengthy downtime or the risks associated with other treatments.*



There are many ideal candidates for Portrait®, including individuals who are:
• Considering laser surgery, a facelift and/or plastic surgery
• Seeking to repair photo–damage and improve the appearance of age spots, or hyper pigmentation
• Needing to remove pre–cancerous lesions
• Wanting to reduce the appearance of fine lines and even deep wrinkles
• Aspiring to tighten the skin
• Wanting to reduce acne scarring
• Desiring to improve the overall skin tone, elasticity and texture to recapture a youthful skin quality they have not enjoyed    for years


Portrait® unlike Fraxel, is not a laser, rather it is a unique technology using plasma energy. Plasma skin regeneration at high energy levels is a much more effective treatment than even several Fraxel treatments for problems such as wrinkles, especially around the mouth and eyes, sun damaged skin and acne scarring.* The downtime of one high–energy plasma treatment is longer than a single Fraxel treatment, however, less than the accumulated downtime of several Fraxel treatments.*


Portrait Express™ treatment offers patients a low-energy treatment option. By using an ultra low energy level, Dr. Leaver-Williams can typically provide a Portrait™ treatment without need for downtime.* Patients are usually able to return to work immediately following the treatment.* Portrait Express™* . Plasma Facial, is a series of 6 very low energy treatments, spaced two to three weeks apart that typically has no downtime but delivers impressive results!*

Portrait Express™ is a superior alternative to treating fine lines and wrinkles and improving the overall texture of the skin. The results are usually gradual yet long term.*

Prior to treatment, a luxurious hydrating cream is applied to the skin. Then the skin is comfortably treated with the plasma energy, and that's all there is to it! As with the high energy Portrait™ treatment, this procedure targets the foundation of the skin itself. It replaces damaged collagen and elastin, and Portrait Express™ is usually painless and fast!* You'll typically only feel a slight warmth during treatment.*

Portrait Express™ Plasma Facial isn't a lunchtime procedure; it's a coffee break procedure! And because there's typically no downtime, you can re-apply makeup and immediately resume your usual activities.* Though the use of sunscreen, and avoiding the sun is recommending following the procedure.*

It's an amazingly effortless way to get the results you desire in most cases.*

Dr. Leaver-Williams will meet with patients during a consultation to determine which level of Portrait® Plasma Resurfacing best suits their goals, lifestyle and needs.


*Individual Results May Vary