Once injected, the solution dissolves and deconstructs fats in these problem areas, converting the adipose tissue into a liquid form that can be flushed out of the body naturally.*

Clinical trials have also shown that Phosphatidylcholine, a soy enzyme, can give added vitality to patients. In fact, some patients have voluntarily reported increased physical well being after injections.


To achieve best results patients should undergo 4-6 injection treatments depending on the target area.* Each session lasts approximately 20 to 30 minutes.*


The ideal candidate for lipo-dissolve is someone near their ideal weight, but who has resistant areas of localized fat deposits. Those with kidney failure, liver failure, or are pregnant or nursing are not candidates for lipo-dissolve.

In patients with these targeted problem areas, Lipo-dissolve can replace surgery and often accomplish good results, typically without extensive downtime or the complications, which can be related to surgery.*


*Individual Results May Vary